Articles for July, 2021
Tax and Financial News
Restricted Stock & RSUs: 3 Planning Tips
July, 2021
Equity compensation is becoming more mainstream and is not just for executives anymore. Grants of restricted stock or restricted stock units (RSUs) are getting to be more common than stock options – and the rules are...
General Business News
How to Develop a Hybrid Work Policy Post-Pandemic
July, 2021
According to a Prudential survey, 87 percent of respondents said they would prefer to work remotely at least one day per week. This is compared to 13 percent of respondents preferring to work at the office all the time. The same...
Stock Market News
How Will Uncertain Inflation Outlook Impact Stock Market?
July, 2021
The June 16 Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting Q&A session with Chairman Jay Powell and recent comments from The Fed have signaled two potential inflation rate hikes in 2023. Two days later, James Bullard, president...
Financial Planning
Wishing on a Star: Investors Pour Billions in to SPACs
July, 2021
A SPAC is a special purpose acquisition company. It is typically sponsored by a venture capitalist or a private equity firm that has expertise in a specific sector or industry, such as green technology. A SPAC launches...
What's New in Technology
Audits in Accounting: Improving Audit Quality with Data Analytics
July, 2021
Auditing is crucial to ensure the accuracy and fairness of financial information. However, one of the biggest threats to audit reputation today is data quality. This is because of the large volumes of data...
Tip of the Month
5 Tips for Going Back to the Office
July, 2021
Slowly, our world is changing. A percentage of the population has been vaccinated and many employees are headed back to the office. However, this may cause a bit of anxiety – and understandably so. Here are few...
Congress at Work
Recognizing the Abolishment of Slavery and Compensating Law Enforcement, Overseas Federal Employees and Disaster Relief Victims
July, 2021
Juneteenth National Independence Day Act (S 475) – This bill authorizes Juneteenth National Independence Day on June 19 as a legal public holiday. The bill was introduced...