Articles for April 2017
Tax and Financial News
Tax Extension Filing Tips
April 2017
It’s not long before tax returns for individuals will be due for 2016. This year April 18 is the deadline for filing. For a lot of people, filing on time is not only impractical but outright impossible. Many...
General Business News
How to Create a Succinct, Effective Business Plan
April 2017
Whether a first-time entrepreneur is opening a new business or a serial entrepreneur is working on his next venture, a business plan is often necessary. While creating a business plan is extensive and consists of many...
Stock Market News
Swings and Roundabouts
April 2017
March brought forth some upsets in the financial markets as the Trump Administration’s big push to repeal the Affordable Care Act hit the skids. Overall, investors received mixed signals from both the markets...
Financial Planning
What Is Reflation and How Does It Affect Investors?
April 2017
After four years of inflation rates just at or below 2 percent, many economists believe America has finally entered a period of reflation. Reflation is the turning point and first phase of economic growth toward increased...
What's New in Technology
Free Up Space on Your iPhone
April 2017
If you keep a lot of data on your iPhone without a periodic cleanup, you’ll reach a point when you don’t have available space for the apps you want to access most. The default settings in your...
Tip of the Month
What the Fed's Rate Hike Means for Small Businesses
April 2017
The Federal Reserve’s mid-March hike to interest rates – its second increase to base interest rates in three months – was a strong confirmation that the economy is doing well. The Fed...
Congress at Work
Repeal and Replace Obamacare; Eliminate the EPA and Department of Education Altogether
April 2017
Obamacare Repeal Act (TALENT) (H.R. 175) – As expected, this was one of the first pieces of legislation proposed in the new Trump Administration. The bill would fully repeal the Patient Protection...
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