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Articles for January 2017
Tax and Financial News
Reconsidering C Corporations
January 2017
Once considered a last resort for entity choice, C corporations deserve reconsideration, especially surrounding the dreaded double taxation issue...
General Business News
Business Leases: Essential Elements to Have (and Avoid)
January 2017
Whether for a first-time commercial lease or if it's time to move to a bigger and better building with a new business lease, understanding all of the elements in the contract can avoid a lot of potential problems down the...
Stock Market News
Stock Market: Whither Goes the Bull Market?
January 2017
Despite much anxious hand-wringing, the bull market survived the Presidential Election results with only a couple of wobbles before finding its way back to firmer footing. Analysts have counted out this aging...
Financial Planning
Which Type of Bond Is Safest?
January 2017
A bond is a loan an investor makes to an organization in exchange for regular interest payments over a specific period of time. At the end of that period, known as its maturity date, the loan is repaid in...
What's New in Technology
Tech-Fueled Marketing Trends for 2017
January 2017
Technology experts anticipate that certain strong trends that debuted in 2016 will gain further momentum in the New Year. Here are some of the tactics and strategies that marketers expect to see...
Tip of the Month
Tip: New Provision Restores Health Plan Options to Small Business Owners
January 2017
Small business owners struggling to find health plans for their staff and facing limited affordable options will welcome new provisions that again allow them access to health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs)...
Congress at Work
Congress at Work: Taking Small Steps to Reduce Lawsuits, Government Waste, Travel Hassles and Unfair Taxes
January 2017
American Innovation and Competitiveness Act (S. 3084) - This bill was passed by Congress on Dec. 16 and went to the President for signature. Introduced in June 2016 by Senators Gary Peters (D-MI), Cory Gardner (R-CO),...
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