Articles for May 2018
Tax and Financial News
What the New Tax Law Means for the Home Equity Loan Interest Deduction
May 2018
Prior to the recent tax law changes, taxpayers were allowed to deduct qualifying mortgage interest on loans up to $1 million, plus the interest on an additional $100,000 in home equity...
General Business News
Tips on Running an Effective Email Marketing Campaign
March 2018
According to Statista, of the globe's 3.7 billion email users, 233 million live in America. The same report also projected that by the end of 2020, the number of email users in the United States will...
Stock Market News
Why Earnings Are No Longer Enough to Drive Growth
May 2018
Rising interest rates make a different animal of the stock market. Unlike when interest rates are steady or declining, positive earnings (overall for the market, not necessarily individual stocks) just...
Financial Planning
Impact of International Trade Tariffs
May 2018
In March of this year, the Trump Administration made good on campaign promises by announcing a new global trade policy that it believes will better serve Americans. Specifically, it features...
What's New in Technology
Business Ethics for Customer Data
May 2018
Many computer users are reluctant to engage in online shopping, banking or investment transactions for fear that their account information will be stolen. According to the Identity Theft Resources...
Tip of the Month
Six Good Reasons Your Company Needs a Blog
May 2018
So what’s all the fuss about blogs? Do they really help your business? Here are a few of the many reasons that they do....
Congress at Work
Aid for African countries, national wildlife refuges, Social Security beneficiaries and Secret Service Agents
May 2018
Strengthening Protections for Social Security Beneficiaries Act of 2018 (H.R. 4547) – Sponsored by Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX), this bill is designed to protect Social Security beneficiaries (approximately 8 million)...
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