Articles for March 2017
Tax and Financial News
Wait a Minute - My 1099 Doesn't Look Quite Right
March 2017
The rules around Form 1099s are long and can be complex. So what are you supposed to do if someone sends you're a 1099 that doesn't look quite right? Perhaps they made a mistake and put an extra zero on it, taking...
General Business News
What Owners Should (and Should Not) Do When a Company is Acquired
March 2017
Tips for buying a business - For some, starting a business becomes a lifelong endeavor that gets passed down to the next generation. For others, creating a business is only a temporary venture with a...
Stock Market News
Push for Deregulation Puts Big Banks Against Consumers
March 2017
Two major issues that surfaced during February were the possibility of the Federal Reserve raising the benchmark interest rate "fairly soon," and the Trump Administration's promise to undo many of the Dodd-Frank financial reforms...
Financial Planning
Life Insurance for Solving Middle-Age Financial Priorities
March 2017
Life Insurance - The older we get, the more financially complicated our lives become. It seems like one day we wake up and we have a mortgage, ongoing home repair and maintenance demands, a 401(k) plan...
What's New in Technology
Oops! Recalling Emails
March 2017
Perhaps it's a glaring typo in a business email or a hastily written rebuke that you regret sending, but probably everyone wishes at times we could undo the send button. Depending upon which email program you use...
Tip of the Month
Looking Ahead to Tax Code Changes
March 2017
During his campaign, President Trump took aim at the Tax Code, saying he intended to simplify income tax laws. There is little doubt that a tax code overhaul is on the horizon, but what is less clear is exactly what the...
Congress at Work
Promoting Jobs for Government Contractors, Women, Vets and Making an Exception for the New Administrative Cabinet
March 2017
Tested Ability to Leverage Exceptional National Talent Act of 2017 (TALENT) (H.R. 39) - This is the last law that was signed by President Obama, just an hour before he left the White House to attend the inaugural proceedings...
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