Articles for August, 2019
Tax and Financial News
3 Big Tax Issues to Look Out for in Your Estate Plan
August, 2019
There are three big tax issues that can derail an otherwise well-executed estate plan. These include Family Limited Partnerships, Revocable Trust Swap Powers and Trust Situs. Below we explore the pitfalls with each issue...
General Business News
Understanding and Applying Accounting Reports and Ratios
August, 2019
When it comes to tracking incoming sales and outgoing expenses, there are many ways businesses can keep up with their invoices and implement strategies to reduce the time they spend on unpaid...
Stock Market News
How Will the July 17, 2019 Beige Book Impact the Economy?
August, 2019
The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) recently met at the close of July, bringing to light many questions on the Federal Reserve’s future monetary...
Financial Planning
Proposed Changes For Retirement Plans
August, 2019
Laws regarding retirement savings plans don’t change all that often or all that much. Occasionally, new regulations are issued mandating disclosures that no one ever reads – and inflation-adjusted...
What's New in Technology
How the Accountant Role has Morphed with Technology, and What New Skills are Necessary
August, 2019
Accountants are no strangers to inventions. Known inventions such as the abacus, calculators and computers have helped complete tasks quickly and in less time. However, today’s technology...
Guest Writer of the Month
How social media and digital data threaten privacy
August, 2019
Communication has changed a lot over the past two decades with social media’s emergence. The way we communicate changed from snail mail and landlines to SMS...
Tip of the Month
Pass It On: Accounting Tips to Share With Kids
August, 2019
It’s never too early to helps kids understand accounting – the concepts of earning and spending. Here are a few ways to teach your little ones about how money works and even have a little fun...
Congress at Work
Relief for Immigrants, Attempts to Deter Foreign Election Interference and Failed Resolutions to Condemn Foreign Arms Sales
August, 2019
Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for Humanitarian Assistance and Security at the Southern Border Act, 2019 (HR 3401) – This legislation provides $4.5 billion...