Articles for February 2019
Tax and Financial News
When Is A Loan Not A Loan?
February 2019
With the sweeping new tax legislation in 2018 capturing everyone’s attention, other changes have taken a back seat. There were several Tax Court cases in 2018 that rendered important decisions...
General Business News
How Businesses Can Effectively Manage Seasonal Sales
February 2019
When it comes to businesses dealing with seasonal sales, making payroll and other financial obligations can be stressful on budgets. However, one way to deal with fluctuating sales...
Stock Market News
How Will Domestic and Global Policy Impact Oil Prices in 2019?
February 2019
With the Federal Reserve raising rates in 2018 and speculation of doing so again in 2019, combined with projected oil production cuts by Russia and Saudi Arabia, it is likely that these and other...
Financial Planning
New Proposals for Government Programs
February 2019
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act delivered a wealth of benefits for taxpayers at every income level, but none more so than for the very rich. The net result of huge tax breaks for both high-income and corporate taxpayers...
What's New in Technology
Automated Workflow Tools
February 2019
We often read about how technological advances such as artificial intelligence will someday be used for customer-facing jobs – even eliminating the human touch. However, small...
Tip of the Month
5 Tips for First-Time Tax Filers
February 2019
Filing taxes for the first time can be overwhelming. But if you have the right tools and advice before you start, it won’t be. Here are a few critical things to know before you begin, which will make the seemingly...
Congress at Work
Reimbursing Unpaid Federal Workers, Fact-Based Policy Making and Fighting Human Trafficking
February 2019
Government Employee Fair Treatment Act of 2019 (S. 24) – This bill was introduced by Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) on Jan. 3 and signed into law on Jan. 19. It requires federal employees who are furloughed or...