Articles for December 2016
Tax and Financial News
Tax Planning Guide for 2017
December 2016
This 2017 personal tax planning guide aims to provide you with information and planning tips to assist you in understanding and making the most of the laws affecting your tax...
Can You “Trump” the IRS Under the President-Elect’s Proposed Tax Plan?
December 2016
President-elect Donald Trump’s agenda places tax changes as a high priority item. Some of the proposed changes are a radical departure from where the tax code stands now and will significantly impact both...
General Business News
How to Recognize Employee Burnout and Steps to Avoid It
December 2016
At one point or another in a workers' career, burnout can likely become an obstacle. For some it can lead to their dismissal; for others it might serve as a pivot point to renew their careers. Whether an employee...
Stock Market News
Stock Market: Trump's Election Creates Ups and Downs
December 2016
Long before Donald Trump's election victory, individual investors were already concerned about market uncertainties, Europe and the global economy. Prior to Trump's surprise election, stocks declined...
Financial Planning
Why the Social Security COLA-Adjustment Doesn't Work
December 2016
In October, the Social Security Administration released the annual cost of living adjustment (COLA) update for Social Security benefits for 2017. The average monthly increase next year for retirees is about $5; $6 a...
What's New in Technology
Technology: Cool Tech Gifts for the Holidays
December 2016
’Tis the Season to be racking your brain thinking of gift ideas for family, friends and colleagues. Technology gifts can fit the bill for all ages and for all pocketbooks,...
Tip of the Month
Tip: Core Issues for Success in 2017
December 2016
The ability to embrace and to adapt to change quickly and effectively is perhaps the most important issue for business owners today. Technology, politics, demographic changes and global issues continue to create...
Congress at Work
Congress at Work: Doing Right by Veterans, Citizen Trailblazing and Election Parity
December 2016
Gold Star Families Voices Act (H.R. 4511) – Introduced in February by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), this bill amends the Veterans’ Oral History Project Act to include biographical history...
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