Articles for April 2014
Tax and Financial News
The Real Deal on Tax Deadlines
April 2014
April 15 is a date almost everyone knows. It is the deadline to file your individual income tax return. But is April 15 the real deadline? You can always just file an extension and worry later,...
General Business News
Pinning With Pinterest: Nurture this Social Media Trend for Your Business
April 2014
Customer orders attributed to Pinterest-based leads are outpacing Twitter and Facebook generated orders, according to Forbes and Shopify. With an average sale hovering at about $80,...
Stock Market News
Mad as a March Hare?
April 2014
The stock market puzzled investors repeatedly throughout March. Issues that have affected stock prices include concern over employment numbers, the impact of severe weather on specific...
Financial Planning
The Importance of Reviewing/Updating a Will and Account Beneficiary Designations
April 2014
In his mid-twenties, Gary married a waitress named Tiffany. The marriage lasted only a couple of years, and then Gary went on to marry Jill, had two children – Caroline and...
What's New in Technology
Will Wearable Technology go Mainstream?
April 2014
Predictions that wearable smart technology is about to become a major force in the industry have been around for a while. Previously regarded as a niche market confined to fitness and...
Tip of the Month
TIP: Stay Current on Debit Card "Swipe Fees" Appeals
April 2014
A federal appeals court ruling at the end of March will keep debit card fees charged by banks – which many small businesses consider too high – at its current level of 21...
Congress at Work
Shaming Russia, Enforcing Laws and Honoring Plumbers
April 2014
A Resolution Condemning Illegal Russian Aggression in Ukraine (S. Res. 378) - This is a simple resolution that condemned Putin's seizure of Crimea and demanded...
Library Articles
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