Articles for May 2019
Tax and Financial News
HSA Accounts and Their Incredible Long-term Benefits
May 2019
Pretty much everyone has heard about 401(k) plans, but beyond these – Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) also can be great retirement vehicles. HSAs are tax-advantaged savings accounts for those with...
Trump Tax Law Makes Now the Perfect Time for the Roth Conversion Retirement Trick
April 2019
Converting a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA takes some fortitude and faith in the future numbers because this change can accelerate your tax bill. The current market and tax rate cuts from President...
General Business News
How to Budget for Estimated Tax Payments
May 2019
According to a March 22 Internal Revenue Service News Release, 2018 federal tax filers might be able to have any penalties for an underpayment of estimated tax removed. This could be possible if they've paid at least...
How to Determine a Business' Health by its Net Profit Margin
April 2019
When it comes to figuring out a company's net profit margin, this calculation gives a business and its financial officers a much better picture of the company’s profitability...
Stock Market News
CPI and Consumer Spending: How Will It Affect Stocks in 2019?
May 2019
With the price of lettuce increasing by 15 percent over the past 12 months at the end of February, and television prices dropping 17 percent during the same period, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,...
What is the Forecast for Job Creation in 2019?
April 2019
According to a March 12, 2019 publication of the Bureau of Labor Statistics' TED: The Economics Daily, the February employment report did not report show a lot of jobs for the U.S. economy. Based...
Financial Planning
Coverage and Tax Considerations For Work-Sponsored Life Insurance
May 2019
While employers have cut back on pensions and their 401(k) plans do not offer the same level of retirement income security, they have stepped up in the area of life insurance. The majority of...
Elderly Caregiver Facts and Figures
April 2019
These days, people who live to age 65 can expect to live at least another 20 years. That means many are likely to require some form of assisted care giving. According to aging experts, the following guidelines...
What's New in Technology
What To Expect From 10G Data Speed
May 2019
When it comes to smartphones, speed and connectivity is generally referenced by generation. For example, the industry is currently focused on creating 5G networks....
How 3D Printing Can Enhance Your Business
April 2019
There will likely always be a need for a traditional paper printer, but there’s also a growing case that 3D printers may one day become commonplace in the average small business office. Consider the way that...
Tip of the Month
5 Ways to Get a Jump on Next Year's Taxes
May 2019
Yes, tax season is officially over. And you might be kicking back and relaxing, putting off thinking about next year’s taxes as long as you can. However, smart taxpayers know that the more...
3 Tax Woes and How to Survive Them
April 2019
The tax deadline is roughly two weeks away. But if you’re going to be late in filing, can’t pay all of what you owe or have the fear that you might be audited, don’t panic. We’ve got...
Congress at Work
Vetoes, Resolutions and Recognition
May 2019
Relating to a national emergency declared by the President on February 15, 2019 (H.J.Res. 46) – This resolution was an effort to block the national emergency declared by President Trump to redirect funds to build a wall at the...
Blocking Emergency Funds, Protecting Land, Withdrawing Troops, Spying on Russia
April 2019
Relating to a national emergency declared by the President on Feb. 15 (H.J.Res. 46) – This resolution was an effort to block the national emergency declared by President Trump for the purpose of...