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Articles for August 2016
Tax and Financial News
New IRS Business Audit Campaigns
August 2016
Traditionally, the IRS subjects large corporate taxpayers to nearly continuous audits of their tax returns. In recent years however, IRS funding has been substantially reduced, making this strategy unsustainable. As a...
401(k) Plans As Your Personal Piggy Bank
July 2016
Short-sighted. Impulsive. Terrible idea. Robbing your own retirement. These are just some of the things you will hear in the financial media when it comes to borrowing money from your...
General Business News
Is Factoring Right for Your Business?
August 2016
Without cash flow, it's only a matter of time before a business will close its doors. Right behind building a clientele base, invoicing is an important step in creating and maintaining positive cash flow over the...
Making Sense of Structured and Unstructured Data
July 2016
For individuals and business owners alike, the way data has been dealt with, especially with the advent of computers, is through two forms - structured and unstructured data....
Stock Market News
Stock Market: Brexit Fallout Lingers
August 2016
As we approached the end of July, the stock market rallied following several weeks of volatility as markets here tried to adjust to Britain's decision to leave the European Union. The...
Stock Market: Brexit Roils the Markets
July 2016
The biggest news in markets across the world was the British vote to pull out of the European Union after some 43 years as a participant in the EU (and the former Common Market)....
Financial Planning
How to Manage Spending in Retirement
August 2016
One of the most difficult things to do is plan for the unknown. This holds true for retirement income planning. You don't know how much income you'll need once you stop earning a...
How Morningstar Rates Mutual Funds
July 2016
Mutual funds started to become popular back in the 1980s. However, there was one problem. Lack of information. While stock investors could get information on individual companies,...
What's New in Technology
Technology: Biometrics = Better Banking Security?
August 2016
Earlier this year, one of the world's largest banks, The Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corp. (HSBC), announced the largest rollout of biometric security technology in the U.K....
Technology: Security Reminders Courtesy of Zuckerberg
July 2016
Being an acknowledged leader and innovator in social media doesn't provide immunity from cyber attacks. It has been reported that Mark Zuckerberg, head of Facebook, recently...
Tip of the Month
Tip: Revised U.S./European Transfer Pact to Support $250 Billion in Digital Services
August 2016
After months of debate, European and U.S. negotiators agreed on a data transfer pact to stop European regulators from imposing restrictions on the transatlantic transfer of data. The...
Tip: IRS Aims to Boost Small Business Tax Compliance
July 2016
The Internal Revenue Service believes the small business sector is a major source of under-reported income.For the past four years, the agency has run a special independent...
Congress at Work
Congress at Work: Planning for America's 250th Birthday, Overdose Prevention, and Beefing up Benefits for Vets
August 2016
United States Semiquincentennial Commission Act of 2016 (H.R. 4875) - On July 22, President Obama signed this bill into law. The Act establishes a commission authorized to plan, develop and coordinate the...
Congress at Work: 13 Post Offices Renamed, Native American Foster Children Get a Break, and Americans Might Get the Day Off to Vote
July 2016
An Act to Designate the United States Postal Facility Located At… – On June 13, President Barack Obama signed into law 13 separate bills to...
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