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How social media and digital data threaten privacy
August, 2019
Communication has changed a lot over the past two decades with social media’s emergence. The way we communicate changed from snail mail and landlines to SMS...
9 Ways To Improve Website Ranking
9 Ways To Improve Website Ranking
July 2019
Your accounting firm finally has a website, well done! But, you can not sit back and wait for your target audience or clientele to stumble on your website by chance....
How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently
How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently
June 2019
You might have concerns over your online privacy, you are fed up with never-ending status updates from old college friends, or you have realized half of what happens on Facebook isn�?�¢??t that cool after all....
Cash Flow Problems Don't "Just Happen"
February 2004
You would be shocked and amazed at the number of businesses that fail because the owner did not see a cash flow problem...
Creating Cash Flow Projections You Can Trust
January 2004
Trying to run a successful business without cash flow projections is like driving along on the freeway in a driving rainstorm without turning...
The Futility of Managing From Your Bank Balance
December 2003
If you needed to know what your cash balance was right now, would you look to your accounting system for the answer or would you call (or go online) with...
How to Master the Financial Side of Your Business
November 2003
I conducted a survey recently to determine the degree to which small business owners have their cash flow under control. The survey...
Do You Treat the Dishes Better Than Your Cash Flow?
October 2003
Cash is the lifeblood of every business. Cash is what keeps your business alive. It is a very precious asset that must be treated with the care and attention...
The 10 Cash Flow Rules You Can't Afford to Ignore
September 2003
The statistics on small business failure are alarming. Michael Gerber, author of "The E-Myth: Why Most Small...
Reaping What You Sow
August 2003
Over the course of my working life, I have witnessed many disturbing developments. I have seen American parents lose their sons and daughters in Vietnam. I saw one United States...
Are You Overlooking a 6 Figure Tax Break?
Save on Taxes with Real Estate Cost Segregation
July 2003
If you own a building with a value greater than $1,000,000 or you own a number of facilities that collectively exceed this threshold,...
The Big Cheese
June 2003
CEOs and presidents of privately held companies face unique challenges. They are accountable for providing the vision, guidance, decision-making, and leadership that drives the success of their businesses. Unlike their...
Minutes: More than a Unit of Time
May 2003
One requirement of a corporate entity is to maintain proper corporate minutes. You, your CPA and attorney may need well documented minutes to assist your corporate...
How to Pull Stock Quotes Into Microsoft Excel
April 2003
Here is a tool that will save you time and track your portfolio as your investments climb back up in market value. If you audit clients with large portfolios...
Customer Service 101
March 2003
As we embark on 2003, the New Year’s resolution we suggest, one that always has a lasting impact, is to refocus on satisfying customers…and commit to...
Who needs an intranet?
February 2003
Any organization with employees can reap the benefits of an intranet. As an organization grows, an intranet will grow with it, all the while increasing...

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