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How Businesses Can Combat Inflation's Toll
How Businesses Can Combat Inflation's Toll
January, 2022
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the Producer Price Index (PPI) or the increase in prices, goods and services that producers experienced for their input costs, saw a substantial rise, according to its latest...
How Businesses Can Recognize and Combat Employee Burnout
How Businesses Can Recognize and Combat Employee Burnout
December, 2021
According to the job site Indeed, COVID-19 has taken a toll on workers even more in 2021, compared to 2020. The survey conducted by Indeed found that 52 percent of those surveyed felt “burned out” in...
How to Develop Company Travel Policies Post-COVID
How to Develop Company Travel Policies Post-COVID
November, 2021
According to a recent U.S. Travel Association forecast, only about one-third of companies are requiring their employees to travel. With business travel still at a low, how can companies develop a travel policy that reduces the risk of COVID-19?...
How Businesses Can Help Employees Improve their Skills
How Businesses Can Help Employees Improve their Skills
October, 2021
Based upon a recent McKinsey Global Survey, nearly 9 in 10 (87 percent) of management and above level respondents affirmed they are currently, or within the upcoming five years...
How and Why to Develop a Bring-Your-Own-Device Policy
How and Why to Develop a Bring-Your-Own-Device Policy
September, 2021
With the internet available for essentially all employees and remote work becoming a part of more businesses’ operations, developing a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy is almost necessary...
How Businesses Can Harness Demand Forecasting
How Businesses Can Harness Demand Forecasting
August, 2021
According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, consumer spending has seen some interesting trends over the first half of 2021. May was flat, April was at 0.9 percent, March was 5.0 percent, and February was at 1.0 percent. With...
How to Develop a Hybrid Work Policy Post-Pandemic
How to Develop a Hybrid Work Policy Post-Pandemic
July, 2021
According to a Prudential survey, 87 percent of respondents said they would prefer to work remotely at least one day per week. This is compared to 13 percent of respondents preferring to work at the office all the time. The same...
Vaccine Hesitancy: Why We Have It and How It Affects Employers and Employees
Vaccine Hesitancy: Why We Have It and How It Affects Employers and Employees
June, 2021
According to a Tufts University survey, six in ten of those surveyed are now vaccinated against COVID-19. However, almost 40 percent of the unvaccinated respondents said they won't get the vaccine. Only 28.5 percent of the...
How Businesses Can Hedge Against Increasing Inflation
How Businesses Can Hedge Against Increasing Inflation
May, 2021
Inflation is on the rise. According to a recent Economic News Release from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the Producer Price Index for final demand grew by 1 percent in March. February saw...
How Companies Can Become More Nimble During the Product Lifecycle
How Companies Can Become More Nimble During the Product Lifecycle
April, 2021
The majority of U.S. industrial product company CFOs have shared concerns that COVID-19 would impact their businesses negatively. For companies that develop and manufacture products, understanding the product...
Some Businesses Rely on Line of Credit to Escape Damages Caused by Pandemic
Some Businesses Rely on Line of Credit to Escape Damages Caused by Pandemic
March, 2021
As businesses attempt to work their way through to a post-pandemic world, there are various means to bridge the financial gap. As recommended by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), some companies can use a...
How Firms Can Restore Balance Sheets to Better Health
How Firms Can Restore Balance Sheets to Better Health
February, 2021
According to the World Bank Group, for businesses in emerging markets and developing economies, the bottom fourth percentile of the non-financial corporate (NFC) sector saw their balance sheets deteriorate. Looking...
COVID-19 Vaccination Considerations for Employers
COVID-19 Vaccination Considerations for Employers
January, 2021
Looking at a 2009 letter from the U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), employers may be able to require their employees to take the COVID-19 vaccine, with a few...
How Businesses Can Adapt, Grow During COVID-19
How Businesses Can Adapt, Grow During COVID-19
December, 2020
In order to survive – and even thrive – during these unprecedented times, small businesses have had to find new ways to make money. The UPS Store’s Small Biz Buzz...
How to Effectively On-board & Train Employees Virtually
How to Effectively On-board & Train Employees Virtually
November, 2020
With COVID-19 still requiring remote working, companies that effectively on-board new workers retain their workers longer, have better worker performance and increase their profits by almost 100 percent, according...
Plan for Business Continuity if Second Wave of COVID Hits
Plan for Business Continuity if Second Wave of COVID Hits
October, 2020
With winter around the corner and the threat of seasonal viruses looming, a second wave of COVID-19 poses a real threat to our health and business operations, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine...
Three Strategies Companies Can Implement to Recover Faster
Three Strategies Companies Can Implement to Recover Faster
September, 2020
Small businesses nationwide were already facing cash problems before the COVID-19 pandemic, according to McKinsey & Company. The firm found that almost one-third of small businesses were...
How to Develop an Employee Leave Policy During COVID-19
How to Develop an Employee Leave Policy During COVID-19
August, 2020
According to the United States Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act addresses how select businesses must give their workers paid sick leave...
Hiring in the Age of Coronavirus
Hiring in the Age of Coronavirus
July, 2020
The U.S. job market gained 2.5 million jobs during the month of May, dropping the unemployment rate to 13.3 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. There's likely been a lot of rehiring, with...
Understanding the Federal Government's Proposal for Opening Up Again
Understanding the Federal Government's Proposal for Opening Up Again
June, 2020
After seeing a peak and then a sustained decline in coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths resulting from COVID-19, the White House and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...
Understanding the High-Low Method
Understanding the High-Low Method
May, 2020
When it comes to cost accounting, the high-low method is an approach that's used to break mixed costs into either a variable or fixed cost. Although it's straightforward, it's important to do...
CARES Act - Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act
CARES Act - Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act
April 2020
On March 27, President Donald Trump signed into law a historic $2 trillion stimulus package designed to provide economic relief to individuals and businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic....
4 Common Liquidity Ratios in Accounting
4 Common Liquidity Ratios in Accounting
March, 2020
One way a business can manage its books and viability in the near and long terms is to see how liquid its assets are. Businesses that have better cash positions are naturally geared toward sustaining...
Understanding Four Types of Depreciation
Understanding Four Types of Depreciation
February, 2020
Depreciation is an accounting process where the cost of an asset is accounted for and expensed over its useful life. It shows how the value of the asset decreases over time. Assets that can be depreciated include...
How to Calculate and Analyze Return on Equity
How to Calculate and Analyze Return on Equity
January, 2020
When it comes to evaluating a business, especially one that is publicly traded, determining its return on equity (ROE) is one way to see how it’s performing....
Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment - and Depreciation
Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment - and Depreciation
December, 2019
When it comes to determining depreciation for Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E), there are many considerations that exist for accountants and business owners....
LIFO Versus FIFO and How Each Method Values Inventory
LIFO Versus FIFO and How Each Method Values Inventory
November, 2019
As the name implies, First-In, First-Out (FIFO) is a way for companies to value their inventory. The first items put into inventory or produced by the company are accordingly the first taken out of inventory or...
When Full Costing Accounting Makes Sense
When Full Costing Accounting Makes Sense
October, 2019
With more than 1.4 million accounting jobs in 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are many different uses for accountants and their skills. With the need for accuracy and transparency...
Payroll Management Tips
Payroll Management Tips
September, 2019
When it comes to an employer's responsibility for non-exempt workers, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, there are many requirements businesses must follow related to payroll. In one example, there are...
Understanding and Applying Accounting Reports and Ratios
Understanding and Applying Accounting Reports and Ratios
August, 2019
When it comes to tracking incoming sales and outgoing expenses, there are many ways businesses can keep up with their invoices and implement strategies to reduce the time they spend on unpaid...
How to Define and Calculate a Break-Even Analysis
How to Define and Calculate a Break-Even Analysis
July, 2019
According to data from a U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy report from August 2018, businesses have varied longevity....
How to Make the Most of Margins and Markups
How to Make the Most of Margins and Markups
June 2019
When it comes to gross margins and the American economy, they vary widely throughout the country's industries. When New York University's Leonard N. Stern School of Business recently compiled gross margin...
How to Budget for Estimated Tax Payments
How to Budget for Estimated Tax Payments
May 2019
According to a March 22 Internal Revenue Service News Release, 2018 federal tax filers might be able to have any penalties for an underpayment of estimated tax removed. This could be possible if they've paid at least...
How to Determine a Business' Health by its Net Profit Margin
How to Determine a Business' Health by its Net Profit Margin
April 2019
When it comes to figuring out a company's net profit margin, this calculation gives a business and its financial officers a much better picture of the company’s profitability...
How to Create Cash Flow Projections and Profit & Loss Statements
How to Create Cash Flow Projections and Profit & Loss Statements
March 2019
When it comes to making cash flow projections, we’re all aware that it’s not an exact science. One of the main difficulties about accurately projecting cash flow has to do with timing. Examples...
How Businesses Can Effectively Manage Seasonal Sales
How Businesses Can Effectively Manage Seasonal Sales
February 2019
When it comes to businesses dealing with seasonal sales, making payroll and other financial obligations can be stressful on budgets. However, one way to deal with fluctuating sales...
Tips for Choosing the Appropriate Liability Insurance for Your Business
Tips for Choosing the Appropriate Liability Insurance for Your Business
January 2019
When it comes to liability insurance, the saying "you can never be too prepared" is quite meaningful. While business owners cannot predict what happens day to day or year to year, they...
How to Maximize Subscription Marketing Efforts
How to Maximize Subscription Marketing Efforts
December 2018
According to research from McKinsey & Company, 15 percent of Internet consumers have become members of at least one subscription service in 2018. The consulting firm also found that these subscription-based...
How to Create an Effective Landing Page
How to Create an Effective Landing Page
November 2018
When it comes to online advertising, there are many ways to reach new and existing customers for new product or service offerings. One approach is to create a landing page that emphasizes a unique or significant...
Common Errors and Oversights When Evaluating a Business to Buy
Common Errors and Oversights When Evaluating a Business to Buy
October 2018
When it comes to selling a business, it’s never a bad thing to be too careful. In fact, according to Forbes’ contributor Richard Parker, 50 percent of business acquisitions fall apart during...
Help Reduce Call Reluctance Among Sales Professionals
Help Reduce Call Reluctance Among Sales Professionals
September 2018
When it comes to selling, there are a lot of challenges in the industry. According to a 2016 report by Accenture and CSO Insights, 55 percent of sales professionals believe that their organization's sales tools...
Key Performance Indicators and Your Business - Part 2 of 2
Key Performance Indicators and Your Business - Part 2 of 2
August 2018
Welcome back to the second and final part of our series on KPIs. In this portion, we’ll explore the best way to define Key Performance Indicators, as well as show you how to communicate them across your organization...
Key Performance Indicators and Your Business - Part 1 of 2
Key Performance Indicators and Your Business - Part 1 of 2
July 2018
Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPIs, are core measurements that businesses use to monitor progress toward achieving goals and targets. KPIs, which vary widely by industry and entity structure...
How to Get More Customer Referrals
How to Get More Customer Referrals
June 2018
When it comes to finding new clients, businesses can do so in many ways. Whether a radio or television spot, or an advertisement on a website, social media platform or digital billboard, the goal is to reach...
Tips on Running an Effective Email Marketing Campaign
Tips on Running an Effective Email Marketing Campaign
May 2018
According to Statista, of the globe's 3.7 billion email users, 233 million live in America. The same report also projected that by the end of 2020, the number of email users in the United States will...
How to Manage Remote Employees
How to Manage Remote Employees
April 2018
According to a report from FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics, the number of remote workers has increased since 2005. “The 2017 State of Telecommuting in the U.S. Employee Workforce Report” found that 3.9...
How to Give Effective Feedback for Better Performance
How to Give Effective Feedback for Better Performance
March 2018
When it comes to making the most of an organization, providing feedback to employees is imperative to ensure worker productivity is high and turnover is lowered. According to The Conference Board...
When is it Necessary to Hire a Public Relations Firm?
When is it Necessary to Hire a Public Relations Firm?
February 2018
When it comes to organizations getting the word out, using internal public relations professionals can be quite effective. But how do you know when it is necessary to retain the services of an outside PR firm? ......
How to Build Trust with Customers Online
How to Build Trust with Customers Online
January 2018
When it comes to selling online, gaining users’ trust is a serious matter for businesses. Based on a July 2015 poll from the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, security and privacy concerns......
Is it the Right Time to Franchise a Business?
Is it the Right Time to Franchise a Business?
December 2017
Franchise a Business? - When a business owner wants to expand his business concept across a region or the country, franchising can be an attractive option. According to the International Trade Association's 2016 Franchising Top Markets Report......
Internship Considerations for Businesses
Internship Considerations for Businesses
November 2017
When it comes to businesses and organizations looking for talent, working with colleges and universities for future interns is a viable option. While projections for 2016 showed a 4.8 percent drop for internship opportunities......
How to Value and Sell a Website Effectively
How to Value and Sell a Website Effectively
October 2017
Whether a business owner wants to sell a website or he has been approached by an individual expressing interest in purchasing it, understanding what it's worth is essential to a fair sale for everyone involved......
How to Protect Yourself from the Equifax Data Breach
How to Protect Yourself from the Equifax Data Breach
September 2017
Equifax Data Breach - The massive Equifax breach means consumers need to be on guard against data thieves. The credit-rating company hack earlier this year left approximately 143 million peoples personal information exposed and vulnerable......
Strategies to Run a Localized and Location-Based Marketing Campaign
Strategies to Run a Localized and Location-Based Marketing Campaign
September 2017
The potential for localized and location-based marketing is high – especially with estimates of retail sales from “beacon-triggered messages”, which grew from $4.1 billion to $44.4 billion between 2015 and......
What Matters More: IQ or EQ?
What Matters More: IQ or EQ?
August 2017
When it comes to hiring the right candidate, a lot goes into the selection process. It’s important to evaluate a candidate’s qualifications to make sure he would make a good fit. This includes evaluating......
Is Selling a Product or Service More Effective than Selling an Experience?
Is Selling a Product or Service More Effective than Selling an Experience?
July 2017
With the advent of the Internet, and especially social media, the difference between marketing a product or service to customers versus creating an experience can be a long-term challenge for business......
How to Select the Right Domain Name
How to Select the Right Domain Name
June 2017
When it comes to selecting a domain name, there’s more than just registration involved. Selecting the right domain name involves a lot of consideration. This includes making sure it represents the company and its...
When is It Necessary to Hire a Business Development Consultant?
When is It Necessary to Hire a Business Development Consultant?
May 2017
Even the best performing businesses have room for improvement. That’s where a business development consultant can come in. Whether it’s for public relations, editorial services, training...
How to Create a Succinct, Effective Business Plan
How to Create a Succinct, Effective Business Plan
April 2017
Whether a first-time entrepreneur is opening a new business or a serial entrepreneur is working on his next venture, a business plan is often necessary. While creating a business plan is extensive and consists of many...
What Owners Should (and Should Not) Do When a Company is Acquired
What Owners Should (and Should Not) Do When a Company is Acquired
March 2017
Tips for buying a business - For some, starting a business becomes a lifelong endeavor that gets passed down to the next generation. For others, creating a business is only a temporary venture with a...
Determining if an Advisory Board is Necessary (and How to Form One)
Determining if an Advisory Board is Necessary (and How to Form One)
February 2017
Advisory Board - Whether it's a newly formed company or an established one, getting an external perspective can be helpful to continued success, regardless of industry. What does an advisory board do and what are its primary......
Business Leases: Essential Elements to Have (and Avoid)
Business Leases: Essential Elements to Have (and Avoid)
January 2017
Whether for a first-time commercial lease or if it's time to move to a bigger and better building with a new business lease, understanding all of the elements in the contract can avoid a lot of potential problems down......
How to Recognize Employee Burnout and Steps to Avoid It
How to Recognize Employee Burnout and Steps to Avoid It
December 2016
At one point or another in a workers' career, burnout can likely become an obstacle. For some it can lead to their dismissal; for others it might serve as a pivot point to renew their careers. Whether an employee......
Branding Considerations: What goes into the Naming Process?
Branding Considerations: What goes into the Naming Process?
November 2016
One of the first steps in conceptualizing and building a business is branding. An important component in branding a business is creating a name that makes a great first and lasting impression. For many startups......
Considerations When Hiring Overseas
Considerations When Hiring Overseas
October 2016
While the number of foreign-born laborers in the United States has increased steadily, 16.5 percent in 2014 versus 14.8 percent in 2005, the opportunity to hire outside the United States has also increased...
Reviewing the Pros and Cons of Virtual Offices
Reviewing the Pros and Cons of Virtual Offices
September 2016
As the name implies, a virtual office exists primarily, if not exclusively, through the use of the Internet, a web of computers and software that workers use to do their jobs......
Is Factoring Right for Your Business?
Is Factoring Right for Your Business?
August 2016
Without cash flow, it's only a matter of time before a business will close its doors. Right behind building a clientele base, invoicing is an important step in creating and maintaining positive cash flow over......
Making Sense of Structured and Unstructured Data
Making Sense of Structured and Unstructured Data
July 2016
For individuals and business owners alike, the way data has been dealt with, especially with the advent of computers, is through two forms - structured and unstructured data......
Understanding Second-Stage Entrepreneurship
Understanding Second-Stage Entrepreneurship
June 2016
For the 10 percent of startups that survive, according to Forbes, there is what's called second-stage entrepreneurship. But what, exactly, defines second-stage entrepreneurship......
How to Reduce the Need for Exit Interviews
How to Reduce the Need for Exit Interviews
May 2016
Employees who quit are a fact of life for business owners and their managers. For the owners and managers of some businesses, exit interviews can provide insight into why employees leave for another......
Can Virtual Reality Be Used as a Marketing Tool?
Can Virtual Reality Be Used as a Marketing Tool?
April 2016
By 2020, the virtual reality market is estimated to be worth $30 million, according to Rutgers University Online Master in Business Administration program......
Most Common Startup Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)
Most Common Startup Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)
March 2016
While there are many business successes, there are unfortunately many more business failures. Various factors, including the type of industry or the age of the business, can contribute to it's chances of failure, according to......
Office Layout Design: Choosing to Keep the Doors or Going for Wide Open Spaces
Office Layout Design: Choosing to Keep the Doors or Going for Wide Open Spaces
February 2016
While collaboration is a cornerstone of any workplace, the timeless question of whether or not go to a completely open office space still exists. While open offices have their advantages, there are some drawbacks to consider......
Continuing Education Alternatives: Is the Brick-and-Mortar University Obsolete?
Continuing Education Alternatives: Is the Brick-and-Mortar University Obsolete?
January 2016
With more than 4,700 institutions across the country granting two- and four-year degrees, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, the need for post-secondary education is in high demand. HOwever with the advent of the internet......
Make the Most of a Minimum Wage
Make the Most of a Minimum Wage
December 2015
Some states do not require a minimum wage while others are poised to mandate a minimum wage of $15 over the next few years. This makes the question of how to optimize the minimum...
Doing Business With Cuba: Is Your Company Ready?
November 2015
After more than five decades of an economic embargo with Cuba, the Obama administration recently announced a new, less restrictive approach to how American businesses can...
Employee Background Check Tips
October 2015
Performing due diligence is the cornerstone of any business decision, including who to hire. When hiring an employee or an independent contractor, running a background check - which...
Employee vs. Contractor: Is the Sharing Economy Here to Stay?
September 2015
If one wonders whether the sharing economy is here to stay, one piece of data from "The Economist" will easily answer that question. In March 2015, more than 250,000 rooms were booked by 40,000 people in 192 countries...
Essential Elements of a Business Succession Plan
Essential Elements of a Business Succession Plan
August 2015
Retirement is calling. And then the reality hits: you will not be at the helm of your business forever, and it might be time for you to start finding the perfect employees...
6 Things to Research Before Donating to Your Next Charity
July 2015
We've all been asked to donate to charity from family, friends and when we shop at stores during the holidays. Donating to our favorite cause can help cure a disease or help those less...
Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?
Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?
June 2015
If the Pew Research Center's findings from its Mobile Technology Fact Sheet are any indication of mobile device usage, your business should consider developing a mobile app....
How to Market to Baby Boomers
How to Market to Baby Boomers
May 2015
Marketing to consumers born between 1946 and 1964, otherwise known as Baby Boomers, can be a boon or a bust. Once a target demographic, technology has naturally led to businesses targeting...
Marketing to Millennials: What Works?
Marketing to Millennials: What Works?
April 2015
As the Pew Research Center points out, the millennial population is expected to hit and exceed the 75 million mark. As one of America's largest upcoming demographics, business...
How Hiring Managers Can Interview More Efficiently
March 2015
Hiring. It's an essential part of running a business. However, it's not as easy as it seems. Simply placing an employment ad on your...
IT Security: 4 Steps to Safeguard Information
February 2015
In the wake of the Sony hacking incident, how can companies reduce the chance of their electronic and hard-copy records being compromised? Hackers can infiltrate your organization...
Technology for 2015: What's in Store?
January 2015
With automation increasing at breakneck speed, what will 2015 provide businesses? Whether it's reaching out to customers to make a sale or searching for potential candidates...
Creating Demand or Responding with Supply: How to Engage?
Creating Demand or Responding with Supply: How to Engage?
December 2014
Whether your business is a startup or is looking to expand or diversify with a new product or service, how do you know what you need to do...
Why Do Start-Ups Fail?
Why Do Start-Ups Fail?
November 2014
While many entrepreneurs have good intentions, an ingenious product or service and a lot of experience to back it up, not every venture is a success....
What Builds Referrals?<br />How to Maximize Referrals and Customer Satisfaction
What Builds Referrals?
How to Maximize Referrals and Customer Satisfaction
October 2014
Referrals are a great way to build business, but what's the perfect recipe to generating a steady stream of referrals? While there's no flawless formula...
Freelancers: Use Them or Forget About Them?
September 2014
According to, four in 10 workers will be independent contractors by 2020. Whether or not this materializes, the tepid...
What Kind of Liability Insurance Does Your Business Need?
What Kind of Liability Insurance Does Your Business Need?
August 2014
In business, every day is a risk. Whether it's an employee operating a dangerous piece of equipment, a customer visiting a store or office, or performing services for a client,...
Will Uncle Sam Show Up at Your Yard Sale?
July 2014
Yard sale, tag sale or garage sale - whatever you call it in your part of the country, this is the season for them. Most people are interested in yard sales as a way to pick up deals...
Making Margins: What Is the Right Formula for Profitability?
June 2014
Every day it seems like the cost of everything is going through the roof. How do businesses know how to charge the right amount to pay overhead and still make a profit? Understanding what factors business owners have to consider to stay...
Uncover the Pros and Cons of Secured Financing versus Unsecured Financing
May 2014
No matter what stage a business is in, the option and necessity for financing can and should be on the table for stability and expansion. In 2012, 5.9 million loans worth $206 billion...
Pinning With Pinterest: Nurture this Social Media Trend for Your Business
April 2014
Customer orders attributed to Pinterest-based leads are outpacing Twitter and Facebook generated orders, according to Forbes and Shopify. With an average sale hovering at about $80,...
21st Century Banking: Prepare to Bank Differently In The Future
March 2014
Every day it seems that there is a new story about technology revolutionizing the way business is done. Banking is no different, and the ways businesses conduct their...
Tips to Increase Employee Motivation
February 2014
Forty percent of workers have reported feeling unmotivated in the job over the past 12 months, according to a survey conducted by Based on the survey,...
Choosing the Right Bank for Your Small Business
January 2014
It is crucial to accurately determine the right bank for your specific business needs. Setting up your accounts and managing access is a vital component...
Essential Tips for Delivering Powerful Presentations
December 2013
Successful presentations are about more than just PowerPoint slides. They are also are an essential skill for anyone whether you...
Small Business Loans and Economic Recovery
November 2013
Overall, large businesses have performed well over the past few years. This is in no small part due to the support received from the Federal Reserve in the aftermath of...
Time is Money: Productive Employees are Key for Successful Companies
October 2013
The reality of the workplace is simple; employees waste time while at work. There are numerous causes, ranging from web surfing and socializing...
The Affordable Care Act Means Big Changes for Small Business
September 2013
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is slated to introduce a number of provisions beginning in 2014. Making matters more complex are recent delays to components...
Same-Sex Marriage: Legal, Regulatory and Benefit Changes Are On the Way
August 2013
The Supreme Court recently struck down the Federal Defense of Marriage Act. As a result, the many benefits that married couples enjoy will now be available to same-sex married couples who live in one...
The Importance of an Annual Business Valuation for Small Business Owners
July 2013
People who built their businesses from the ground up are often surprised when it comes time to sell and they receive a lower-than-expected valuation. In fact, many...
Tax Complications for Americans Working Abroad
June 2013
American citizens and resident aliens of the United States who live and work abroad are taxed in the U.S. on their worldwide income. However, it...
How Happy Employees Enhance the Bottom Line
May 2013
What do Fidelity Investments, Pfizer, Hilton and Nordstrom have in common? Not only are they some of the largest and most successful companies in the world, they...
Should Telecommuting Be Banned?
April 2013
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer ignited a furor early this year when she sent a memo to employees announcing the end of the company's work-from-home...
Purchasing Equipment for Businesses
March 2013
The Great Recession has prompted many individuals to start their own businesses, and one of the most important considerations is purchasing...
What to Expect From the Health Care Act in 2013
February 2013
The Affordable Care Act is now the law of the land after the Supreme Court's ruling of the act's constitutionality and November's presidential election. Most of the act's provisions...
Initial Decisions for Startups
Initial Decisions for Startups
January 2013
Entrepreneurs face some significant choices in the initial phase of starting up a business. The mountain of paperwork can seem daunting to business owners who want to concentrate on selling their product instead of the minutiae of legal...
Unconventional Funding Paths for Entrepreneurs
December 2012
The traditional path to fund a small business startup is to use personal savings and so-called sweat equity, followed by seed money from personal contacts, bank and Small Business...
Small Business Loans Tricky to Secure During Credit Crunch
November 2012
According to a recent survey by the New York Stock Exchange, more than half of small businesses cannot get access to the credit they need. As a result, two-thirds of these small business owners do...
Why Do Small Businesses Fail?
October 2012
According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, more than half of entrepreneurships fail within the first five years of existence. Former small business owners cite a litany of reasons why their...
Funding Mechanisms in Place for the Affordable Care Act
September 2012
With the presidential campaign getting into full swing, President Obama's signature piece of legislation - the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act...
Health Care Tax Credit a Major Pain for Small Businesses
August 2012
Critics say a tax break designed to help small businesses pay for employee health coverage is too confusing and may be too small to attract...
Joint Committee Report: Capital Gains Tax Increase Could Impact Small Businesses
July 2012
A nonpartisan analysis of President Barack Obama's 2013 budget proposal suggests that at least some small business owners and shareholders could face significant tax increases on capital...
How to Find Good Employees for Your Small Business
June 2012
In good times or bad, it is generally accepted that good employees are hard to find (and keep). Even against the backdrop of today's 8.1 percent unemployment rate,...
Four Top Productivity Apps for Doing Business
May 2012
Mobile application usage is at an all-time high. ComScore, an organization that measures online and mobile behavior, reported last November that more mobile users...
Branding Your Small Business
April 2012
Small business owners know that they must attract and retain customers, sell their products or services, and provide good customer service. But threaded through all of this is a single, overarching...
Higher Gas Prices Ahead: How Can Your Small Business Cope?
March 2012
Higher fuel costs are bad news for consumers and small businesses. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (, gasoline and diesel...
Transitioning your family-owned business requires careful planning
February 2012
According to the Small Business Administration, approximately 90 percent of businesses in the United States are family owned. Many of these are small businesses...
Set Business Goals and Achieve Your Vision for 2012
January 2012
The recession and economic uncertainty of recent years have presented challenges for many small businesses. As 2012 begins, economic recovery is tenuous and vulnerable to government debt and economic tension at home and abroad....
Tight Lending Presents Opportunities for Home-Based Business Startups
December 2011
Although recent reports indicate that bank lending to businesses has picked up since the recession officially ended two years ago, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke...
Is Your Business Something to Blog About?
November 2011
Blogging has permeated cyberspace. More than 160 million blogs worldwide host everything from personal ramblings and political musings to highly technical how-tos, financial planning and investment advice. Most...
Tips for Collecting Past-Due Invoices
October 2011
Even in a strong economy, collecting unpaid invoices and having clients who are slow to pay can be frustrating. With the unemployment rate seemingly stuck at around 9 percent and the economic forecast...
Is Cloud Computing Right  for Your Small Business?
Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Small Business?
September 2011
Pre-written SEO Website Content, Gen Bus Sep 2011 - "Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Small Business?" Unless you've had your head in the clouds lately, you've probably at least heard of cloud computing, or as your more...
Google+ Highlights Importance of Social Media Marketing for Business
August 2011
If you’re a business owner, chances are you have a presence on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Social networking has become an integral part of corporate marketing departments. Skilled social marketing...
Retirement Plan Options for a Small Business
July, 2011
As a small business owner, both you and your employees need a plan that will provide the income flow needed for a secure retirement. There are many variables involved in choosing the right one. These include the number...
Tips for Improving Your Cash Flow
June, 2011
No business can survive for long without a positive cash flow – that is, more cash flowing in than flowing out. This is probably the top reason a business fails. In times of an economic downturn, you must be aware of...
Business Insurance – Cost-Saving Tips
May, 2011
A business manager's job is not only to make money but also to save it. In today's economy, when many businesses are struggling to survive, this is more important than ever. Any way you can find...
How E-Commerce Can Expand Your Business
April, 2011
From the dawn of the Internet in the early 1990s, e-commerce kick started a new way of doing business. Shopping leisurely online came into vogue and merchants began scrambling to design...
How to Retain Your Best Employees
March, 2011
Fall in Love with Their Jobs
The best way to retain your most qualified and valuable employees is to ensure they never want to leave. While life circumstances...
Boost Sales by Expanding Payment Choices for Clients
February, 2011
If your business is like most, your clients come from diverse backgrounds and income levels. Some are old, some young and more than a few of them are among the millions of baby boomers approaching retirement. What...
Tips Help Business Owners Achieve Success
January, 2011
Did you meet your business goals in 2010? As we begin a new year, now is the ideal time to reflect on what happened in 2010 in order to clearly plan for the changes you want to...
How to Make Client and Customer Gifts More Meaningful
December, 2010
Who needs another fruit basket, a stale fruitcake or a logo-branded pen? Probably not your clients and customers, especially if you want your gift to have a lasting impact....
The Cost of Doing Business in 2011
November, 2010
While it’s anyone guess how the economy will fare in 2011, the editors of “The Kiplinger Letter” offer up their annual predictions of what...
The Right Stuff: Six Traits of Dynamic Business Professionals
October, 2010
Do you have what it takes to outlast your business? All too often, business owners, directors and managers hurt the long-term survival of their companies...
Customer Satisfaction Important to Company's Bottom Line
September, 2010
When was the last time you asked your customers if they were happy with your products or services? No news is good news, right? Wrong! While clients might seem happy, how much do you really know about their...
Examining the Data: How does your company compare to others?
August, 2010
How many times in the past year have you been asked how your business is doing? You might need a laptop to calculate the number, and if you are like the majority of business owners in this economic climate,...
ESOP: It's Not a Fable
July, 2010
Mention an ESOP and some people might think you are talking about Aesop's fables. Though the two sound the same, it's doubtful the ancient Greeks ever considered selling their businesses through an Employee Stock...
Small Business Advice - Getting the help you need
June, 2010
One of my professional functions is to serve as a small business advisor. I give advice on income taxes, product pricing, employment issues and anything else that relates to a business. Questions can often...
Help! I've been robbed! - Protect yourself from identity theft
May, 2010
On February 2, 2000, a young child died. The loss was devastating for his family, but what happened when his parents tried to file their tax return only compounded the tragedy. The Internal Revenue Service disallowed the...
Health Reform - A Business Perspective
April, 2010
On March 23, President Obama's long awaited health care bill was signed into law, but that was only the beginning of major changes to come in U.S. health care. This month's tax and accounting article discussed...
Are You Charging Enough?
March, 2010
"Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door." ThatÂ’s how the saying goes, but how do you know whether itÂ’s the mousetrap or the product thatÂ’s bringing buyers to your...
Developing a Viable Exit Strategy
February, 2010
We spent a great deal of time last year discussing how to start and grow a business, but what happens when you want to slow down or retire? Unless you have developed a workable exit strategy,...
Employee Turnover and Corporate Culture
January, 2010
With a high unemployment rate, you might think it's easy to find employees these days, but successful business owners know that finding the right person for a position is essential. They also know that corporate culture...
Have a Happier New Year
December, 2009
Happy New Year - almost! With the way 2009 began, our main job may have been simply to survive until the end of this year. Though we've nearly made it now, there is still time to make 2010 a little easier. Here are a...
Keep more of what you earn with careful business tax planning
November, 2009
In this month's accounting and tax news, we touched on income tax planning for individuals. Now we want to discuss business tax planning. Businesses have far more variables to consider than typical...
Are You an Employer? - Be Sure to Follow the Rules
October, 2009
Do you remember your first job? Perhaps you worked at a grocery store. Or maybe a fast food establishment. Whatever the case, you probably thought the boss had it easy; he or she made you do the really hard...
Sometimes Pink Spoons Are Better Than Silver
September, 2009
Let's face it, we are experiencing tough times - and that might mean it's harder to make a sale. Survival these days requires you to 1) keep the customers you presently have and 2) attract new customers without...
The Business Plan: Key to Your Success
August 2009
Last month, we talked about financing your business. Whether you are starting a new venture or expanding current operations, one thing you can be certain of is that you will need cash. The question is: Where you will get that...
Financing Your Business
July 2009
Every business needs funding. Depending on the industry, you need money for everyday operating costs (electricity, rent, supplies, salaries and wages), fixed assets (machinery and equipment) and, of course,...
Business Licensing – Covering Your Bases
June, 2009
Starting a business requires much more than simply hanging out your “open” sign. Not only do you have a plethora of decisions to make, but you will also need to clear all the federal, state and local licensing and...
Business Incentives – Hidden Treasures
May 2009
Is your business as profitable as it should be? Before you answer that, consider whether you are taking advantage of all economic development incentives your state has to offer. Even before the current economic downturn, most states offered some...
Setting Up Your New Business
April 2009
In March, we took a little diversion from our discussion of establishing a business. Now that we have seen the final economic stimulus package from Congress, it is time to get back to focusing on that......
Economic Recovery For the Business
March 2009
The votes are in and the President has signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). In this month’s Tax and Accounting article we discussed the impact ARRA...
Starting a Business - Don’t Undercapitalize
February 2009
In these difficult economic times, you might be asking yourself why anyone would start a business. With all the bad news, how could a new business possibly be successful? The truth is, with the right idea and a sound business plan, there is no...
Starting Your Business: So Many Choices - So Little Time
January 2009
The decision to go into business for yourself is one of the most exciting (and scary) decisions you may ever make. In this month’s article, the presumption is that you’ve decided you have the experience and qualifications...
Will the New Year Mean a New Business?
December, 2008
Happy holidays! Does that sound a bit strange given the current economic climate? Only time will tell for sure, but if you are reading this, you still have a few blessings, like your eyesight...
Record Retention Policies – Are They Really Important?
November 2008
Some years ago, an attorney hired a CPA to help him build a case against another firm. The case seemed cut and dry and to prove it, the attorney and CPA sought to obtain the defendant firm’s audit...
Motivating Your Employees
October 2008
As an employer, you know that the success of your business depends, in large part, on the success of your employees. It’s axiomatic that the more productive your workforce is, the better your profit...
Business Tax Planning - Charting Your Course For 2008
September 2008
It's hard to believe that we are fast approaching the end of 2008 and, with the year's end in sight, it's time to do a little planning. What you do now will affect your company's...
Time Is Money – Reducing the Number of No-Show Clients
August 2008
While talking to a therapist friend (Pat) recently, the topic turned to revenue. As a recent entrant into the world of self-employment, she reported that her income was ‘nowhere near’ what...
Is a Business Incubator Right for You?
July 2008
I recently met with a friend and potential client to discuss a new business idea. The idea was intriguing and had a great deal of potential. The only problem, of course, was how to get the idea off the...
Business Writing – Don’t Underestimate the Impact
June 2008
Recently, the CBS News program 60 Minutes ran a story on the Millennial Generation - those born between 1977 and 1995. Tech savvy and confident, this...
The Business of Doing Good
May 2008
Recently, a business client dropped by to talk about a few challenges he faced in establishing his business. As the discussion wore on, it became apparent that, while his true vocation was in the field of education...
Protect Your Business Against Fraud
April 2008
By some accounts, fraud costs the U.S. economy approximately $600 billion a year. As a business owner, you have a duty to yourself and to your employees to minimize losses to your company due to employee...
Is Now the Time to Buy?
March 2008
According to a lot of pundits, the U.S. economy looks to be slipping into a recession. The leading economic indicators seem to be heading south; housing starts are down and foreclosures...
The High Cost of Fraud
February 2008
The latest Report to the Nation on Occupational Fraud & Abuse (the Study) prepared by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners...
Resolve to Avoid Burnout
January 2008
If you have ever worked for someone else, you know how tempting it is to look at the boss and think that he or she ‘has it easy’. After all, she gets to come and go as she pleases while you do...
Administrative Staff – A Necessary Evil?
December 2007
Since the beginning of time, there has been a constant struggle – production & sales versus administrative & accounting. Over the years, the perception has been that production makes the product...
How Reliable is Your Network?
November 2007
Here’s a riddle for you: what is one of the most expensive - yet least expensive - forms of advertising for your small business? The answer: establishing a network of referral...
Managing Debt Costs
October 2007
Your company’s products have gained wide market acceptance - so much so, in fact, that backorders are piling up and customers are screaming. You decide it’s time to...
How do they do that?
Making Money Without Working
September 2007
You’re sitting in your living room late at night, the thriller is coming to its climax and…a commercial comes on. “We made $10,000 last month working...
Just Another Cost of Doing Business
August 2007
Was July 24th the ‘beginning of the end’ of many employers - or even the end of low inflation, as numerous business lobbyists would have us...
Cutting Business Travel Costs
July 2007
The overall inflation rate may be under control but, when it comes to business travel costs, all bets are off. While the overall inflation rate for 2006, according to the Bureau of...
Advertising – Bringing the Customer In
June 2007
Congratulations! You’ve opened your new store and you’re ready to take the retail world by storm. All you have to do now is get the customers...
Going Into Business for Yourself
May 2007
According to American Dream 101, one of your goals in life should be to own your own business - aka ‘be your own boss’. It’s a daunting goal, especially...
Back Office Conversion –
Three Powerful Words
April 2007
Cash is the lifeblood of business and any tool that enhances cash flow is worth investigating. On March 16, 2007, a new way to deposit customer checks was...
The Partnership - A Business "Marriage" With Rules
March 2007
If you have ever started a business with someone else, you might appreciate the old adage that "A partnership is like a marriage." With the amount of time you spend...
What Labor Laws Apply To You?
February 2007
Perhaps one of the hardest adjustments for entrepreneurs to make is becoming an employer. It can be challenging to deal with the personality quirks...
Preparing For the Ultimate Disaster
January 2007
You've worked hard and built a thriving business. You have a strong base of loyal customers, your employees are happy, and - most importantly - you are...
Health Savings Accounts
(A Plus for Employer and Employee)
December 2006
It’s no secret that 2006 has been another year of frustration for those of us who want to provide cost-effective health benefits to our employees. Maybe,...
Attracting the Right Employee
November 2006
What’s worse than having a slowdown in workload and too many employees? That’s simple: being unable to capitalize on a great business opportunity because...
Getting Value from Professionals
October 2006
How many times have you heard "you get what you pay for"? If you’re like most of us, it may be more times than you count, but how often have you taken that philosophy to heart?...
Pension Reform - 2006
September 2006
On August 17, 2006, President Bush signed into law the 907-page Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA). It is arguably the most sweeping reform to the U.S. pension system...
Quality - Your Ace in the Hole
August 2006
Over the years, many companies have touted the quality of their products and those with the loudest voices have often been manufacturers. After all, itÂ’s fairly easy to...
To Own or Not to Own - That is the Question
July 2006
Often in business, you need one piece of equipment or another. Perhaps it’s as small as a computer or as hugh as a multi-million dollar production line. Whatever item you...
The Tax Deductible Allowance
June 2006
If you are a business owner and wondering how you are going to finance you child’s living expenses while he or she is at college, I’ve got one question for...
Tax Efficient Real Estate
May 2006
Most businesses start their lives in rented quarters. Sometimes, they remain that way throughout their lives, but many companies, especially those not dependent on retail...
Valuing Your Business
April 2006
Over the past few months, we have been discussing the relative merits of taking your company public. While this can be one way to dispose of your business, it’s not the most...
Want to Spend Some Money?
Go Public.
March 2006
Over the last few months, we have been talking about taking your company public. We have spoken about the advantages and disadvantages of being a public company and we have talked a little...
Going Public - Living in a Very Expensive Fishbowl
February 2006
So, you’re thinking of taking your company public. Have you considered what your life, at least your business life, will be like if you work at a public company rather than a private concern? Do the...
Going Public - Opening the Books
Or Pandora’s Box?
January 2006
There was a time, a long time ago, when the idea of "going public" was a magical thing. If you took your company public, it was almost as if you had "arrived" as a businessperson. Sure there were headaches,...
The Shock of a Lifetime
(A/K/A - Your Electric Bill)
December 2005
Okay, so the title of this month’s article is a little trite, but chances are your electric bill has been rather high this year. At the time this article as written...
The High Cost of Government Regulation -
ItÂ’s All There in Black and White
November 2005
If you have ever read the instructions to your form 1040, you surely must have seen the little section about the Paperwork Reduction Act. You know, the little recap in federal forms telling you how long...
Business Income Taxes Hurt the Small Business
Is This a New Thing?
October 2005
At this point in the year, you may be wondering if this series of articles is ever going to tell you something new about the problems of the small business. In...
Cash Is King-Long Live the King
(Part 2 of 2)
September 2005
Last month, we talked about one of the major concerns of small businesspersons - cash flow. Even though we use the term cash flow, which means the sources and uses of cash, a better...
Cash Is Still King - Long Live the King!
(Part 1 of 2)
August 2005
Amazing as it may seem, those responding to a National Federation of Independent Businesses survey, published in June 2004, did not list cash in the top five of small business...
Property Taxes
The Price We Pay for Ownership
July 2005
Congratulations! The year is half over and you’re still in business! Does this sound a bit sarcastic? It’s not meant to be. Anybody who has operated...
Small Business Taxation - A Constant Worry
June 2005
In the most recent survey of small business concerns, The National Federation of Independent Businesses found that the majority of small business owners...
Energy - Can’t live without it, but how will you afford it?
May 2005
When you look back on world history, it’s apparent that the human race would be lost without the availability and practical use of various sources of...
Workers' Compensation - More Than Just a Paycheck
April 2005
Use the term "workers' compensation" around a new entrant to the workforce and they might just define it as what you pay them to work. Use the same term around an employer with a substantial workforce and...
Hot Potato, Hot Potato...
March 2005
When you were a kid, did you ever play the "hot potato" game? You know, the one where you had to get rid of the item considered the "hot potato" fast and not be the one caught with it? If you didn’t, don’t...
First Things First
Your Health = Your Business' Health
February 2005
Well, you finally did it; you started your own business. Now you never have to answer to another boss. You are your own person; in charge of your own fate. The really...
What are Your Hot Buttons?
January 2005
Regardless of who you are, where you live or what your political views, you can’t deny that the political climate, wars, stock market roller coasters, the economy and a host of other...
Holiday Survival - Business Style
December 2004
By the time you read this article, you should be in the full swing of the 2004 holiday season. There’s nothing quite like this time of year. When else could you go out, spend a bundle...
The Third Time is a Charm
(Washington’s October Surprise Part 2)
November 2004
One of the great things about our form of government is the ability to predict with some measure of certainty the cycle of changes in our tax laws and government spending. For instance,...
International Connections
October 2004
Have you ever been to Disneyland or Disney World? If you have, you may have been on the ride ItÂ’s A Small World. When I first took this ride, letters like "www"...
Outsourcing - Is it Worth the Cost?
September 2004
In our article last month, we discussed the relative merits of outsourcing - an often-misused phrase. Contrary to current political rhetoric...
Outsourcing - Looking beyond Rhetoric
August 2004
Don’t let the title of this article fool you; this is not an article espousing any particular viewpoint. However, in light of the political and business realities of this present age, we thought it might be nice...
I Gotta do What?
July 2004
How many times a year do you get a brochure from your insurance company advertising insurance to protect you against employment law violations? If you haven’t seen any yet, count yourself lucky. In this article, we...
Economic Incentives
June 2004
Do you remember the old line, "I’m with the government and I am here to help you?" That phrase generally means the government is out to get something from you, but...
Being the Boss Isn’t a Walk in the Park
May 2004
If you are like any other red-blooded American, you dream, or have dreamt, of being your own boss. Just imagine being able to come and go as you please,...
What Comes First - The Customer or the Product?
April 2004
Ask any farmer, kid or short-order cook what one of the more pressing questions in life is and you might get, "What came first - the chicken or the egg." Of course, you may also get a different answer, but...
Small Business Financing
Capital or Debt, What to Choose
March 2004
If we were to tell you that selling stock in your company might well be a more expensive way to raise capital than borrowing, would you believe us? We wouldn’t blame you if you were laughing hysterically...
The Hardest Sale You’ll Make
February 2004
Let’s say you want to start this great new business. You’ve done some excruciating soul searching and you are certain that you have what it takes to make your new super-gadget business a success. At this point, you...
Let's Start A Business
January 2004
Happy 2004! We trust you had a happy and safe New Year's Eve and have about a dozen resolutions to...
Retreat to Move Forward
December 2003
Has this been a hard year for your business? Has it been a good year or a bad year? Now that this year is ending, where do you go from here? It's a given that you want to move forward and grow, but how do you...
A Rose By Any Other Name…
November 2003
According to Shakespeare’s Juliet, "That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." That may have been true in Shakespeare’s time but we imagine that there are more than a few master gardeners who would take...
Attorney’s – Who Needs Them?
October 2003
You might think from the title of this article that we are about to have a lawyer bashing party, but we aren’t. No, instead, we’ll try to convince you that attorneys can be worth their weights in gold, and it’s not...
Cookin’ The Books – Legally!
September 2003
Before we even start talking about this month’s topic, we have to state for the record that we are not planning on teaching you how to deceive the Internal Revenue Service, your banker, your insurance agent or any of your company’s...
New Overtime Rules
(Simplification or Slavery)
August 2003
I’ve come to the conclusion that my television is broken. It must be since about all I hear these days is how the new Department Of Labor (“DOL”) Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) is designed...
Death by Phone
July 2003
The technology of the information age has been a boon to many of us modern day business folk. You can walk into your office, check out the e-mail...
The Defining Moment
June 2003
There are defining moments in all lives. From the first time you say "no" to your mother and find out that word is only valid when she tells you...
Hey Buddy; You Got a License for that Thing?
May 2003
In the good old days, about all you had to do to start your business was find a little capital, get a shop and hang out the “Open For Business” sign. This is...
Cash Flow 101
April 2003
Where's the beef,?the little old lady is saying in front of me... Wait, this isn't a commercial and I am not in Wendy's. In fact...
Wise Buys
March 2003
Buy that Hummer and write 69% off this year!!! Don’t need a Hummer? Buy that $100,000 computer-operated saw you always wanted. Heck, it doesn’t really...
These Numbers Make the Presidents Plan Look Small
February 2003
$674 billion dollars... $674 thousand-million dollars $674,000,000,000! This nation cant afford a loss like that Mr. President! This sounds like...
Manufacturing a Potential Star for 2003
January 2003
As the first days of trading of 2003 got underway, traders and investors received some encouraging news on the beleaguered U.S. economy as a national...
Forecasting a market-area's sales -- with accuracy
November 2002
Wouldn't you like to know now what next year's sales are going to be, and where they'll come from? Yes, that information may be hidden in the future. But...
Top Ten Reasons Small Businesses Fail
October 2002
Watching a small business die is never easy, if for no other reason than it can happen in so many different ways. And, no matter the cause, it's never funny...
Insuring Your Business... Are You Covered?
September 2002
Starting a business is all about possibilities, optimism, and promise. But it should also be a time for ensuring protection and security. And that makes a...
Informed Benefits Buying
August 2002
As the costs of medical benefits soar, employers are in a mad rush to re-bid their health insurance coverage for the best possible deals. It can be next...
The Future of E-Commerce
July 2002
What is e-commerce? E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is defined as the conduct of financial transactions by electronic means. With the growth of commerce...
Tips on How to Appraise your Most Valuable Asset….Your Home
June 2002
Most people know or can easily find out the balance in their checking, savings or investment accounts. But few people know how to determine the value...
Bankruptcies and Mergers: Going From Bad To Good or To Worse?
May 2002
Over 1.5 million new bankruptcy cases were filed for 2001. Not surprising given the economic downturn and the events of September 11. There are...
Is Your Pension Distribution Correct? How Do You Know?
April 2002
A pension distribution, whether from retiring or lump sum payment when changing jobs, may be the largest cash distribution you ever receive. It is very...
Whose Fault is it Anyway?
March 2002
It is not unusual for us humans to pass judgment on an entire group of people based on the actions of a few. So it’s no surprise that the accounting...
Its Still All In The Numbers
February 2002
Well, friends, welcome back for part two of our series on how to analyze your financial statements. You know, those boring things that the...
It’s All In The Numbers
January 2002
Ok, now that the partying is out of the way, take off those hats, and recycle those champagne bottles, it’s time to get back to business...
Retirement Made Easier
December 2001
Playing the Right Tune
November 2001
And The Band Played On
October 2001
Teach me!
September 2001
ADA - Not Just Another Pretty Acronym!
August 2001
Don't Bank on Bankruptcy
July 2001
In case you haven'??t noticed, there is an epidemic in this country that is preventable. We're not talking about AIDS or a new strain of the Flu. We are talking about people filing bankruptcy when perhaps there is no need to do so....
Exit - Stage Right or Wrong?
June 2001
Let's Be Practical - Points to Ponder When Selling Your Business
May 2001
Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo – Which Is The Best Way to Go?
April, 2001
A Resource to Outsource
March, 2001
A Backup Does Not A Recovery Make
February 2001
What Have You Done For Me Lately?
January 2001
Here's to Your Health!
December 2000
You Have Them, But How do You Keep Them? (Part One)
November 2000
The Boss Has It Easy – Right?
October, 2000
Do You Have the Resources You Need?
September 2000
You Have to Plan Your Garden
August 2000
But It Was Such A Great Idea!
July 2000
Taxes, Taxes Everywhere
June 2000
Don't Put Away Your Tax Return Just Yet
May 2000
Study your tax return to save money next April...
Taxes and Selling Your Home
April 2000
Rules you should know before selling your next house....
What the Federal Discount Rate Means to You
March 2000
"The wealth effect" what is it?...
Consumer Safety - Shopping On-line
February 2000
What happens to your credit card number in cyberspace?...
New Banking Legislation and the Consumer
January 2000
The new banking modernization law will have some affect on everyone in the U.S.A. Whether it will be beneficial to the consumer or not is still questionable....
Last Minute Tax Tips
December 1999
There is still time to make some moves that will save you money on your April 2000 tax bill....
Rules for Business Travel Deductions
November 1999
Know the rules before you leave town for deducting expenses when combining a pleasure trip with a business trip....
Union to Offer Internet Access
October 1999
The AFL-CIO is hoping to wire millions of union households nationwide with its new Internet service....
Setting up a Web Page
September 1999
You can set up your own personal Web page with the following easy directions....
Notes on Bankruptcy
August 1999
Bankruptcy can be devastating but an open mind and a little knowlege can help you get paid if you have a customer in this situation....
Starting Your Own Business? NewTax Breaks.
July 1999
New tax laws can positively effect anyone currently self-employed or anyone wishing to start their own business....
For New Clients: Keeping Personal and Financial Records
June 1999
Personal records are a necessary part of life and, throughout it, many important documents and information will be required. It is important to remember that recordkeeping systems are as unique as those who use them....
Traditional IRAs vs. Roth IRAs--Which is Right for You?
May 1999
One of the most talked-about sections of last year's new tax law is the one establishing Roth IRAs. Starting this year, you can open a Roth IRA, which differs in several important aspects from a traditional IRA....
Small Businesses and Y2K
April 1999
Commissioners of both the IRS and the Small Business Administration (SBA) report that 25% of all businesses that have not begun compliance efforts are small businesses....

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